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            1. Finance

              The new life of DeFi, Yasha is coming

              2020 is a very important year for both blockchain and crypto currencies. During this year, their technology and ecology have been greatly developed. In the 2020 event, in addition to Bitcoin halving, One of the most noticeable one is DeFi decentralized finance.

              BitCherry BCHC new upgrade to the world’s first commercial scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 technology

              Trust is the foundation of the business community, in order to improve the level of trust in the community, weak liquidity and financial resource monopolies and other issues. Starting from February 20th, 2020, based on business scenarios, BitCherry global consensus will fully optimize its technology. While upgrading the technology, it will build a blockchain infrastructure that can truly meet the

              ETV Six Major Digital Commercial Sectors Opened

              Global Entropy International Holdings Group (ETV Global Entropy Group) global operations team have stated that Global Entropy Group is an industrial holding group dedicated to entropy theory research, entropy cultural dissemination and entropy blockchain digital application, and is committed to developing into a global leader The open digital industry alliance community. To achieve this goal, ETV

              Innovative DeFi+NFT+Crypto Art Platform—Sunflower Swap

              If you are the owner of crypto asset, you might find that the crypto asset market is ever-changing. Only continuous innovation can keep the value everlasting. The current crypto art market is rising strongly, which is perfect time for the appearance of Sunflower Swap!

              Detailed Explanation of BitCherry BCHC Project Of Distributed Commercial Public Chain (3): Characteristics and Implementation Principles of Hash Body (Side Chain) And Hash Ring (Sharding) Technology

              Blockchain has become an important technology to promote commercial development. Whoever can master the core technologies in this field may become the “leader” in this field. However, while using blockchain technology to enable commerce in various fields, we also find some shortcomings of current commercial level blockchain projects and blockchain technologies. For example, most blockchain systems

              FSCoin may take the world by storm. GBSD Foundation is supported by leaders of many countries

              The UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said on Tuesday that it will ban the sale of derivatives that track digital currencies such as Bitcoin to retail investors, effective January 6, 2021. The FCA said the ban will directly save retail investors $92 million in losses.

              Murphy creates the upgrade mode of defi to build a business empire of decentralized financial industry chain

              Recently, Murphy, a decentralized financial platform based on Delphi, will be launched on November 5. Murphy, a decentralized financial platform, incubates a hundred times star community, decentralizes the layout of the whole industry chain of decentralized finance, establishes the most subversive business operation mode of defi, and constructs the decentralized agreement of open financial system.

              Murphy's decentralized financial platform opens the global ecological application layout!

              Murphy, with the layout of the whole industry chain of decentralized finance, incubates the star community with 100 times of currency, establishes the most subversive business operation mode of defi, and constructs the decentralized agreement of open financial system. It has a wide range of applications and landing in loan, payment, insurance, fund, trust and equity scenarios. The emergence of the

              What is IPv8 Feature?

              As mankind is about to move towards an intelligent, fully-connected world of Internet, Internet of Everything, is an integration of virtual and real, is to face new generations, new services, and new needs, traditional IP networks have long been unable to handle it.

              YFG lucky prize pool 1 million US dollars ETH

              YFG,a decentralized token, is an uncle’s convergent deflationaryfinancial management device. Nodes in 18 countries around the worldconduct decentralized evangelism. At the same time, when theconsensus foundation currency price reaches the consensus height of1,000 US dollars, it will be divided into 100 Ten thousand U.S.dollars ETH came out to every holder who holds YFG tokens.

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