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            1. To break the traditional traffic monopoly, MTC creates a traffic economy unicorn

              11-04 Azcentral

              the hands of a few giant companies, showing an increasingly centralized trend. SME and consumers have completely lost their bargaining power. In addition, data islands, information walls, traffic fraud and other negative effects have become a cancer that cannot be avoided now.

              Compared with traditional traffic, blockchain solves the shortcomings of over-concentrated traffic data, but there is always a lack of large-scale traffic applications in the industry. MTC uses this as the basis of innovation. On the basis of the drawbacks of traditional traffic, it cracks the core pain point of the lack of large-scale traffic applications in the blockchain. This solution not only builds a ladder between traditional traffic and blockchain traffic, also builds a traffic ladder in the blockchain industry.

              To break the traffic dilemma, MTC opens the new 2.0 era

              Metcalfe Token, abbreviated as M, is an ecological credit issued based on the Metcalfe Chain intelligent traffic chain. It is the equity certificate of the MTC community. As a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain, MTC is committed to cracking the core pain points of blockchain large-scale traffic applications.

              As we all know, traffic is a core value-added asset for industries and companies, and an important indicator for improving economic productivity. Even with the explosion of the blockchain, circulation is also the basic element of its development and the core value of the blockchain business reconstruction.


              In fact, although the blockchain has been developed for more than ten years, the vast majority of traffic is still controlled by the traditional Internet giants. Internet giants such as Ali, Tencent, and Amazon have monopolized more than 70% of Internet traffic. The lack of blockchain traffic is evident.

              In this case, the MTC intelligent traffic chain broke out. Relying on innovative technologies and incentive models, MTC can lower the barriers to large-scale blockchain application development, reconstruct large-traffic commercial models, and build a bridge for the introduction and transformation of traditional traffic applications.

              In April 2019, MTC Intelligent Traffic Chain 1.0 was officially launched, the first to propose the distributed intelligent traffic pool framework MTC ENGINE, compatible with IPFS, cloud computing architecture, and adopting cross-chain parachain paradigm management. After more than a year of iterative upgrades, MTC was upgraded to 2.0 "Ecological Journey" era in July 2020, with multi-level and comprehensive upgrades and improvements in terms of technical architecture, consensus algorithms, incentive models and governance structures. At the same time, on October 15th, the MTC main-net was successfully launched, marking that MTC has entered a new milestone and opened a new chapter in MTC's large-scale traffic commercialization.

              MTC relies on four core advantages to create a digital economy unicorn

              The MTC intelligent traffic chain relies on four core advantages to jointly form a more inclusive and innovative large-scale traffic commercial support system.

              In terms of technical architecture, MTC pioneered the distributed intelligent traffic pool MTC ENGINE. As a decentralized integrated traffic framework, it constructed logic unified physical nodes sink to traditional centralized traffic flow of distributed paradigm, which can provide distributed and reproducible traffic business operations for the Internet mode. At the same time, MTC ENGINE is also a basic traffic platform, which is convenient for other service providers to build more traffic applications on the platform.

              Intelligent traffic engine is the core of MTC ENGINE, which can provide standardized blockchain traffic support for large-scale applications. Through a modular and componentized approach, many high-traffic applications such as large-scale video live broadcast, autonomous driving data management, large-scale games, distributed finance, etc. can be connected to the intelligent traffic engine, and run on the MTC node in a distributed manner, allowing all traffic Real and quantifiable, all contributors of traffic share revenue.

              In terms of consensus algorithm, MTC adopts MBFT, a Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus algorithm that integrates traffic elements. It has both DPoS and HotStuff technical characteristics. It is not only suitable for non-licensed public chain scenarios, but also can better implement merger governance mechanisms.

              DPoS is similar to the parliamentary election system, with lower network operating costs and faster confirmation speed. The existence of nodes has weakened centralization to a certain extent, but decentralization is often difficult to maintain for a long time, and it can easily become a game of capital doing evil. In this regard, MBFT has made further optimizations. Nodes must pledge a certain amount of M before they can join the DPoS network. Every once in a while, MBFT will re-select super nodes to participate in the HotStuff consensus based on their currency shares and conduct strict management.

              In the token model, MTC took the lead in adopting the Metcalfe ecological economic model to build an ecological mechanism of positive feedback. Under this incentive model, the access of each traffic application will bring exponential growth in the ecological value of the entire MTC. And every user in the ecology can enjoy unlimited dividends under the added value.

              As for the governance structure, considering that large-scale traffic commercials will design many business scenarios for mergers and acquisitions, such as business integration between different games, MTC pioneered the mergerable governance structure MER, which is inclusive, transparent and fair.

              Through this governance structure, it supports the two major business scenarios of transition from non-licensed chain to permissioned chain and traffic mergers and acquisitions between agreements. Especially in the introduction of traditional traffic applications, the MER governance structure can be seamlessly connected to quickly realize the interaction between external traffic and main network data.


              Start the M+ plan to build a large-traffic commercial ecosystem

              With the arrival of MTC2.0, the team launched the MTC Traffic Blue Ocean Commercial Plan (code-named M+). M+ blue ocean commercial program planned to use the support of manpower, technology and token pattern, fully utilize MTC’s advantages of “integrated traffic management”, “compatible of centralized and decentralized traffic paradigm”, promoting and nurturing intellectual chain application in high volume traffic application ecosystem, including live video, large-scale games, large-scale Ads, automatic driving (5G), IOT, CDN accelerator and so on.

              By docking with more traffic applications, MTC will provide strong value support and further release the value of the full ecological token M currency. At the same time, relying on the cross-border integration of the MTC blockchain, the access to high-traffic applications can once again complete the overall upgrade of the underlying logic of the product, and rapidly expand its own user base.

              At this stage, MTC has successfully entered the 2.0 "Ecological Journey" era from the 1.0 "Light of Dawn" era, and is actively implementing the orderly implementation of large-flow applications. In the next three years, MTC will fully enter the MTC 3.0 "High Light Era", committed to becoming an integrated high-traffic commercial, high-concurrency, high-performance public chain 3.0, access to advertising, games, e-commerce, social networking, finance, etc. High-traffic applications, create a global traffic pool application matrix, and build a large-traffic commercial landing ecosystem.

              MTC Introduction

              Metcalfe Chain(MTC)is a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain,in order to crack the the key pain point of blockchain that can not deal with large volume of Internet traffic.By activating the most extensive user idle traffic into millions of content terminal nodes, providing convenient chain transformation and business transformation mode reconstruction for large-scale live video, large scale games, and high-traffic e-commerce businesses, scenario finances and other industries that need large volume of traffic.

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